FSC CrossFit is your premier choice in Douglas County for Official CrossFit training and workouts. Located in Roseburg, Oregon FSC CrossFit has served people’s health since 2014. FSC CrossFit isn’t just a gym, and we don’t just workout, we build lasting relationships with individuals from all walks of life who have decided to come together and live fitter, healthier lives; all while having fun and creating everlasting memories.


“Great atmosphere, encouraging people, and lots of one on one training. They pay careful attention to safety but encourage you to push yourself. We couldn’t ask for a better place to workout!!”
– Isaac & Danielle Germond

“FSC will change the way you view overall fitness and wellness. From the great coaching staff to an energizing environment, when you walk in to FSC you are more than just a box member, you are part of a community dedicated to helping you reach your goals.”
– Matt Spangler

“I had tried crossfit at another box before and thought that I didn’t like it. After finding this awesome group I have discovered a new hobby. Both the coaches and athletes are positive, uplifting, and encouraging. Everyday I find new strengths as I’m encouraged to push harder than my mind tells me I can. You can find workout programs all over the place, but our crossfit family is one of a kind!”
– Brooke Corder

“The workouts are never as bad as they look, unless they are as bad as they look, in which case you do them anyway and feel great about it afterwards.”
– Gary Kincheloe

“Cool people. Great atmosphere, and the workouts are always challenging.”
– Megan Tollefson

“I hate this place, but I’ll be back tomorrow to kick some more ass.”
– Anonymous (for obvious reasons)

“I read about CrossFit, watched some videos, doubted my abilities, tried a couple classes, signed-up eventually, and after 6 months, I can honestly say that it was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. The hardest part about CrossFit was my own fear that I couldn’t do it. Now I look forward to getting stronger, healthier, and doing the things I use to think were impossible.”
– J.M.

“FSC has a great team atmosphere. Everyone is very encouraging and the coaches are always willing to help, answer your questions, or show you ways to scale movements that fit your level of fitness. I have recommended FSC to many people. We love Gil and Janelle and FSC has become more like a family.”
– Rich & Lisa Thompson

“When I first walked into the box I had never lifted a weight, much less been to a gym. I could barely survive through the fundamentals that turned out to be the foundation of my journey. I was new to the area and was immediately welcomed. With a previous injury, I didn’t believe in myself or what I could do. It was through the encouragement and accountability that FSC provided that slowly I began to rebuild my life. Nearly 2 years later, I can do things I never thought possible. Best of all I met my best friend and future husband at FSC! Thank you for for everything and I look forward to the challenges ahead of me.”

Jessica Lowry

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